A Teenager’s Guide to Good Health

Have nutritious foods

Teenage is one of the most important stages of a person’s life. It is also the period when the body undergoes a number of physical and mental changes. This phase, which marks the transition of a child into an adult, is supposed to be the happiest and the most carefree phase of life. However, with the present high stress lifestyle, teenagers are also under constant pressure. In such conditions, one of the first things that you need to ensure is that you eat healthy nutritious foods so that your body can have the energy to fight stress and keep you healthy. Eating good food also promotes your overall health and you can avoid a lot of diseases that might affect you in the future. Avoid junk foods and binge on tasty healthy snacks. Crash dieting should be avoided because physical weakness and anemia in this stage can be the seat for a number of health problems.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

A teenager’s body is in a very delicate stage and is more vulnerable to damage due to alcohol and smoking when compares to adults. Also, the young body finds it hard to digest toxins, which can lead to cancer and other undesirable problems. While smoking is harmful for all ages, it is especially harmful to teenagers. These toxics create havoc on the young body.

Exercise regularly

If you want to have a long and healthy future, it is important that you exercise from you teenage years. Regular exercise keeps you body healthy and slows down the aging process. Although it is highly ironic to think about aging during teenage, this is an undeniable fact. Superficial aging in the form of aging of the skin begins at 25, which is not very far away from teenage years. Regular exercise improves blood circulation and keeps up the metabolism of the body, which in turn keeps the body more youthful for years.

Maintain healthy weight

Lack of healthy food, too much of junk food and low physical activity leads to weight gain, which ultimately makes a person obese. Obesity is the root for a large number of problems in the body such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart ailments. Maintaining healthy weight, which is in the normal BMI range, can keep you hale and healthy. However, what is more dangerous than obesity is fluctuating weights. Gaining weight and then shedding the excess pounds over and over again can put excess pressure on the heart and cause deterioration of health.

A Teenager’s Guide to Good Health
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