Anxiety And Depression–What Are The Symptoms?

Lackluster behavior 

One of the first signs of anxiety and depression in a person is lackluster behavior. The person shows severe lack of energy in doing even simple things. He or she begins to spend all their time lying of the bed or sitting in a slumped position. Lack of energy is evident even when the person tries to motivate himself or really wants to do something but cannot bring himself to do it. He always feels exhausted even when he has not taken up any kind of physical activity.

Moreover, this lackluster feel and exhaustion is a continuous feeling rather than in bouts. The exhaustion persists even after you wake up from sleep. If you are experiencing such symptoms, you should go for medical advise because the sooner you can work on the problem the easier it is to solve it.

Sleeplessness or disturbed sleep 

A very common symptom that always follows anxiety and depression is disturbed sleeping pattern. Some people, due to the continuous feeling of exhaustion that is characteristic of the problem, tend to sleep long and for abnormal hours. This is something that they cannot help. Disturbed sleep, waking up from sleep with fear and very frequent nightmares are some of the sleep related symptoms that are characteristic of anxiety and depression. If the person is under excess stress accompanying depression and anxiety, sleeping patterns are further disturbed.

Reduction in hunger level

A person who is anxious or depressed loses interest in food. This is common in most of the people. They do not feel hungry and even if they do, they cannot eat properly. In severe cases of anxiety and depression, the person feels nauseous all the time and this drives him away from food. Food that they previously relished also fails to entice them into eating. This adds to the loss of energy as well. The physical appearance f the person becomes dull due to lack of proper nourishment. The best thing that a depressed person can do to fight the problem is to force himself to eat so that he can be physically strong and a strong person can fight depression better.

Moody and irritable behavior 

Moody behavior is seen in all people who are depressed. The condition is characterized by frequent mood swings and irritable behavior. A person who is normal suddenly becomes sullen and quite. You can also notice people becoming short tempered and getting angry for no reason. Crying for minor things or for no reason is also a symptom of depression.

Anxiety And Depression–What Are The Symptoms?
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