Basic Necessity for Longer Healthy Life

Body fitness – Fitness of body & mind

Body fitness includes fitness of the overall body. This would mean a fit mind and fit soul in a fit body. An individual with fit body would have a pleasant personality which is presentable and confident. Confidence is a feeling of fit mind. Confident and positive state of mind reflects positive attitude. Such a combination would ensure positive approach towards life. Most complicated situations would be easily handled. Stress would not impact the nervous system and would rather help in taking the right decision after ascertaining pros and cons. In today’s time we have stress and work pressure developing right from the schools where in children are supposed to score the best marks. Work environment is equally stressed be it owned or any organization. Hence body fitness should be taken care of.

Fit Body

Fit body means healthy body. This habit should be inculcated right at the beginning which means childhood. It’s important to emphasize on healthy food and regular exercise. Kids can certainly get involved in sports right from the beginning where in they would realize the importance of work out. In fact it’s imperative to have a proper routine where in right food, right work out & adequate rest should be incorporated. Similarly proper eating habits should be developed from the beginning. Proper education and guidance helps kids to choose right and healthy food. Other than theoretical knowledge parents should share the benefits of nutrients and demerits of oily & preserved food.

Fit Mind

Fit mind needs fresh perspective and positive approach towards life. Modern techniques of fit mind are Yoga, meditation and breathing exercise. Meditation is a form of mental exercise where an individual would rest the mind and concentrate on his energy. Meditation should be done in silent ambience preferably early in the morning. They say most positive energies get generated during the early morning hours. Certainly if your time doesn’t allow you to get up early to meditate you can create such environment. Lot of yoga gurus perform meditation through music therapy where in a dark room with proper ventilation would be acquired for meditation. Spiritual music is played to get connected to the inner self.

Quick Fixes for Body Fitness

  • Be positive in your approach to life
  • Do regular exercise – could be done thrice in a week
  • Eat healthy food
  • Stay happy to stay fit
  • Follow your hobbies and passion
  • Do one thing at least for yourself in a day
Basic Necessity for Longer Healthy Life
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