Best Way To Treat Them Without Conventional Medicine

A proper diet

A proper diet is one of the best ways to treat anxiety and depression. The foods that you eat have to be rich in nutritional value and low in sugars and saturated fats. Include root vegetables, apple, banana and broccoli in your diet and have them every day. Green leafy vegetables should also be a definite addition in your diet.

Refined sugars should be completely removed from the diet because these sugars can increase depression by causing a fluctuation in the serotonin levels in the brain. Taking multi-vitamin and omega 3 fatty acids supplement is beneficial for people who are depressed. A balanced diet is very important for getting rid of depression and anxiety.


Good exercise is as important as good food for people who suffer depression and anxiety. The adrenaline rush provided by exercise is good for fighting depression. It elevates moods and makes you feel happy. When you exercise, there is a release and increase of serotonin and dopamine in the body. These are hormones that induce happiness, help in sleeping well and keep your mood elevated. Furthermore, exercise is a known stress buster.

Go outdoors

Sunlight has therapeutic qualities and helps in enhancement of health. This is an element that makes you cheerful and hence, helps in fighting depression and anxiety. A minimum of 15 minutes of sunlight is necessary for fighting depression. Fresh air is also very important. In order to make the most of your time, you should indulge in outdoor exercises. A walk in the early morning can expose you to both fresh air and sunlight. You can go for a job, riding, swimming in outdoor swimming pools and indulging in a wide range of sports. This can help in controlling depression up to a large extent.

Sleep well

The most important aspect of curing depression and anxiety without the need of medication is to get at least ten hours of good deep sleep. Set your daily timetable and stick to it. A number of times, it has been seen that adjusting and regularizing the timetable or the biological clock of the body helps in fighting depression very effectively. After a long night’s sleep, you feel refreshed and energized. You should they augment the good mood with outdoor exercises followed by a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Following such simple tips can help in ultimately getting rid of depression without medicines.

Best Way To Treat Them Without Conventional Medicine
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