Brain Function Starts Declining At Middle Age

The New Finding

According to a recent brain related news published by the British journal, the ability of the human brain declines from the age of 45. The earlier studies have suggested the possibility of brain deterioration from the age of sixty.  The researchers of the University College London assessed the brain skills like memory, comprehension skills and vocabulary ability of 7000 men and women belonging to the age group 45- 70 for a period of 10 years. The new finding is based on their assessment. They found that the mental reasoning showed a decline of 3.6% in men and women aged between 45- 49.

Importance In Dementia Treatment

This brain related news is important for dementia treatment. The changes happening at the beginning of cognitive decline will help in diagnosing dementia. The researchers are of opinion that to make dementia treatment more effective it should be done when the brain of the patient starts to decline. Dementia is the major cause of disability in old age. The dementia cases are increasing every year. The current treatment for dementia and Alzheimer’s are available only after the neuronal loss happens. Giving treatments at the earlier stage, even before the symptoms appear, may help to retain neurological function.

 The Crisis

The test conducted by the university research team found that except for vocabulary, other skills declined from the age of 45. In older people the deterioration occurred still faster. Men were more affected by the declining brain activity. The researchers are of the opinion that dementia patients undergo cognitive decline over 20 to 30 years.  They are trying to find out a solution to prevent the decline. More studies are needed to find a solution for this. What is more important is the early detection of the risk factors of dementia. You can get more information about this brain related news from medical websites.

The Need For Future Studies

There is a need for further research and studies to understand how the changes in brain will help in identifying dementia.  The research should be conducted on wider population sample to get a clear picture. The research team at the university college is planning to carry out brain scans to identify any nearly changes in brain. The research needs more funding to carry out various studies. Further studies will bring more brain related news which can be of use to finding a cure for brain related problems.



Brain Function Starts Declining At Middle Age
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