Cholesterol In The Body And Foods

Foods and cholesterol

Cholesterol is essential for the body in order to keep the body functioning optimally. It helps in the growth of cell membranes and provides body the required fuel. However, when the level of cholesterol becomes excess in the body, it leads to a number of diseases, the major of them being disease of the cardiovascular system and strokes.

This is because the excess cholesterol gets deposited in the blood vessels and causes blocks, which does not allow blood to flow through easily. Thus, heart attacks and strokes are caused. The main source of cholesterol is food and by choosing foods that are low in cholesterol content, you can keep your body healthy.

How do foods provide cholesterol to the body?

The quantity of cholesterol is different in different kinds of foods. However, it is not only the cholesterol content in the food that matters. The way the food is cooked is also an important consideration when you talk about cholesterol. Firstly, saturated fats cause more harm to the body than eating foods that are high in cholesterol. For example, shellfish and shrimps are said to be high in cholesterol, but they are actually good for the body since they are rich in good cholesterol level. However, if you deep fry these healthy foods in saturated fats such as hydrogenated oils, they become potentially dangerous. So, it is important that you choose low cholesterol foods and cook them in a manner that keeps cholesterol levels low.

Vegetarian foods that is low in cholesterol content

Foods that are low in cholesterol content are all kinds of fruits and vegetables, even the high sugar and high starch ones. You can eat all the fruits and vegetables that you want without causing any harm for the body. They do not increase blood cholesterol. Whole grains are low in cholesterol as well. In addition, nuts and seeds are rich in good cholesterol and they help in reducing the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Other foods that are low in cholesterol are mushrooms, products made out of skim milk and products made out of soy.

Non vegetarian foods that is low in cholesterol

Seafood such as shrimp, tuna, salmon, halibut and shellfish are very low in bad cholesterol and rich sources of good cholesterol. The white of the egg is excellent source of proteins and nutrients without a bit of cholesterol. Chicken without the skin can be taken in moderation. However, you need to avoid eating the internal organs such as liver, kidneys and brain.

Cholesterol In The Body And Foods
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