Consequences of Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety means Trouble

In the state of Anxiety one feels either worried or concerned. Literal meaning of the word anxiety is trouble. Normally one could be anxious when the situation is unexpected or uncontrollable. Mind tends to get over such situation through anxiety. In turn the individual may feel helpless or troubled or worried when he can’t handle the situation. This may or may not impact an individual too much as it’s not often.  One could be worried or scared in such situation which is nothing but due to anxiety. However anything in excess is dangerous and so is anxiety. Too much of it leads to a disease as it could impact the mind and body.

Depression – State of Mind

Depression is a state of mind where an individual would feel hopeless. Certainly likewise anxiety it’s a negative emotion and creates negativity amongst an individual. Depression could be due to various reasons. It could be due to accident, unfortunate activity, something unexpected, body pain and low energy. Also when one doesn’t get the things according to him generally he would not like it and may get depressed.  Again Depression for a longer time can impact an individual body as it would not let the body function properly considering low energies. It’s a mindset which would need refreshment over a period of time. Else monotonous life as well creates depression in individuals.

Both are negative feelings and hence have severe consequences. Too much of Anxiety would impact the blood circulation and in turn Heart. Heart is an integral body part. High blood pressure due to anxiety would impact heart adversely. It leads to increased stress, restlessness & tension. It also disturbs the sleep which creates irritation and frustration. Similarly during depression one loses interest completely in almost everything. Depression affects the efficiency of an individual. This disturbs the normal behavior pattern of an individual as he can’t react normally to situations. Depressed individuals would be sad and unhappy.

Quick Tips to Avoid Emotional Disorders

Modern generation has too much to do in lesser time which creates tension. This in turn leads to emotional disorders like anxiety and depression. Here are some quick tips to stay away from these:

  • Assess your own abilities – Know yourself to set right goals to attain.
  • Do not over expect from yourself – Keep measurable and attainable goals for yourself
  • Exercise daily for half an hour – Regular work out keeps mind and body refresh
  • Eat healthy and stay fit – Healthy food would help in keeping healthy mind
  • Work on Controllable and not on Uncontrollable



Consequences of Anxiety & Depression
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