Derivative of Healthy Life

Healthy Body with Perfect Food & Fit Physique

Human body needs healthy food and environment to stay fit and live long. Proper food and awareness about fitness ensures a healthy life. Perfect body cycle should begin with a 20minute morning exercise. This warms up the body to carry on the daily routine tasks. This should be followed by a healthy breakfast.

All meals could differ basis the taste of an individual however it’s important to ensure the perfect nutrient contents of the breakfast.  A proper lunch after 4hrs which could be heavier as still there is half day remaining will keep the body nourished. Evening supper or tea could be taken with some diet cookies. Finally the dinner is required after a long working day to provide energy to the body.

Eating Habits

Eating habits have a great impact on an individual’s body. Some people think that one should start a day with a heavy breakfast as it refuels the body after a sleep of 6 to 7 hours. However some believe that breakfast should have proteins and carbohydrates. This could be attained from fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Lunch could be heavier or lighter however should not be missed. Food is required at regular intervals as we keep consuming the body energy. Dinner is recommended to be a lighter meal by all school of thoughts. Heavy dinner disturbs digestion and over all body cycle. Also it’s important to have dinner at least 3 hours before sleep.

Fitness First

Fitness could be attained through a proper routine. Routine includes proper intake of food and required activity by the body throughout the day. Calories taken should be burnt appropriately else it would increase body weight. Obese body is more prone to diseases and tends to be less immune. Immunity should be intact for a longer life. Modern generation is fitness freak. Working professionals have loads of options to stay fit by the means of joining gym & fitness centers. These fitness centers are available as per your timings.


Quick Tips to get Fit Body with Perfect Food

Certainly with regular workout and proper diet one would attain healthy body. Here are some important tips to be kept in mind for a healthy and fit body:

  • Daily workout helps to refresh the body
  • Proper meals provide regular energy
  • Avoid munching between the meals
  • Avoid artificial juices and carbonated drinks
  • Drink lot of water throughout the day
  • Sleep properly and take appropriate rest
  • Keep good care of your body
  • Eat healthy food



Derivative of Healthy Life
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