Fitness Freaks Aim For Six Pack Abs

It’s nothing but a flat tummy with no unwanted fat around abs and waist. First and the foremost requirement of getting a Six Pack body is determination as it needs daily workout with positive mindset. Here are some tips to attain 6 Pack Abs:

  • Watch on Your Eating Habits – Do not skip or miss any of your meals. Breakfast should be healthy and not to be skipped at all. Primarily one gets breakfast after at least 6hrs which indicates that at this time body would certainly need something. Secondly as and when we miss on breakfast we tend to munch till lunch which does not help in providing required nutrients to the body. Rather it kills the appetite for Lunch. One should ensure that the breakfast should be healthy with required carbohydrates, proteins to start a day. Dinner should be lighter as post dinner generally we sleep. Also heavy food takes time to digest and hence can upset the sleep as well.
  • Intake of Fiber & Water – It’s recommended to drink lot of water throughout the day. Keep a water bottle at your desk at all times. Warm water helps in burning the fat and keeps cleaning the body salt & minerals which are not required. Say No to Sodas & aerated drinks. Take natural fruit juices which have natural minerals and vitamins. Proper diet with adequate water throughout the day would improve the metabolism. Preserved food or food items with cheese and butter would affect the metabolism adversely.
  • Daily Cardio Exercise – To show your abs in a six pack it’s imperative to do daily cardio exercise. It’s recommended to get in touch with a specialized cardio trainer who would help you basis your body with the cardio exercises. One can start with jogging or brisk walking. Joining a gym would be a great help as along with the set of exercises gym instructor would provide a diet chart. Another directive from most of the gym instructors is to intake lot of water on daily basis.
  • Strengthen Your Muscles – Along with the cardio exercise it’s recommended to strengthen your muscles. Lift adequate weights basis your own body to get a perfect six pack abs. Cardio exercise would make the muscles flexible however at the same time they need to be strong enough as they are important for lot of body functions. Crunches and pushups help in strengthening the muscles.


Fitness Freaks Aim For Six Pack Abs
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