Foods That Can Help in Fighting Breast Cancer


In order to prevent the incidence of breast cancer, it is important that you consume foods that are rich in anti-oxidants. One of the richest sources of antioxidant is grapes. Although a glass of red wine a day can help as a good source of antioxidants, experts suggest that eating grapes is a better option. This is because when the grapes ferment to form wine, they develop certain alcoholic properties, which have a negative impact on the body. As long as wine is restricted to one glass, it is good. Red grapes are a good choice among the different varieties. You can also eat raisins. They are rich in anti-oxidants and have good cholesterol, which gives you double benefits.

Black or green tea

Tea also has rich antioxidant properties. However, when tea is mixed with milk during preparation, the antioxidant properties are diminished. Therefore, according to experts, tea should be best consumed in the black form. Also, green tea is one of the preferred varieties of tea that is good for obtaining antioxidant benefits. Coffee is also said to reduce to reduce the risk of cancer in women. Risk of cancer reduced up to 30% when women drink black tea or black coffee. Optimum amount of black or green tea recommended by experts is around 5 cups per day.

Low fat dairy products

While dairy products that contain lots of fats are not good for the body, low fat dairy products help in fighting cancer. Products made out of low fat dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt and skimmed milk have known evidence of protecting women against the disease. These dairy products are a rich source of conjugated linolenic acid, which is very effective against cancer.


Garlic is an excellent cancer fighting product that should be included in food every day. The pods should be exposed to the air for a while before using it for cooking because a lot of anti-cancer properties are developed when it is peeled and exposed to air. Garlic also provides comprehensive benefits that help in promoting overall health, immunity and resistance in the body. It also controls the cholesterol in the blood and cuts down fats. It has been known that women with more fat content in the breasts are more exposed to the risk of cancer. So, by reducing the amount of cholesterol and overall fat content in the body, garlic helps in fighting blood cancer.

Foods That Can Help in Fighting Breast Cancer
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