Foods That Have Healing Effect on the Body


One of the most powerfully healing foods is garlic. Although it leaves a bad odor on your breathe, you need to eat this in order to fight cancer and increase the immunity of the body. Garlic is also one of the most ancient forms of medicinal foods. It was used to treat a wide range of health problems such as cholesterol, heart problems, gastrointestinal health problems and toothaches. It is good for healing cold and different respiratory infections. High blood pressure can be easily controlled with the help of garlic. Garlic is also a strong natural antibiotic and should be included in foods when you suffer cuts, burns and bacterial infections. Garlic oil is effective when used on sprains, joint aches and skin infections.


Ginger is an herb that is well known for its medicinal properties from the ancient times. This herb helps in wholesome development of the body since it fights viral infections, improves immunity and keeps bowel movement healthy. Ginger can be in both raw and dried form and is effective in both varieties. The juice of ginger, when taken with honey, helps in curing a vast range of problems such as lung congestion, cough and cold. It also is excellent to improve the efficiency of digestive system and boost metabolism. It is good to treat nausea, asthma, inflammations and diarrhea. Ginger lowers blood cholesterol and keeps liver function healthy.


Lemon and limes are excellent for the body because they are very rich in vitamins. They help in healing wounds and cuts. They also protect against heart diseases. Studies have shown that lemon is a good anti-cancer food. All diseases that are caused due to vitamin C deficiency such as scurvy and other skin infections can be cured with lemon. It helps in fighting colds and runny nose.


Avocado is a rich source of nutrients and helps in lowering cholesterol and keeping the heart healthy. It helps in keeping blood pressure under control as well. Although this fruit has high fat and calorie levels, it helps in controlling cholesterol by providing body with good cholesterol. The reason why avocados are counted under foods that heal is due to the high level of potassium and folates present in them. They are rich in fiber and the level of monounsaturated fats is also significant. It reduces undesirable fats in the blood stream. Pregnant women are always recommended this fruit as it helps in normal growth of baby. Birth defects are eliminated.

Foods That Have Healing Effect on the Body
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