Foods That Help Depression And Anxiety

Dark chocolate

This is great news for all the chocoholics. If you ever feel stressed or are in an imminent danger of suffering clinical depression and anxiety, binge on dark chocolate that has a higher concentration of cacao. The chocolate bean is said to have excellent stress busting abilities. It is also rich in antioxidants and hence, good for health. Eating dark chocolate with low sugars and fats such as butter can have healing effects on stressed out people. In facts, experts recommend that people who are stressed or depressed can consume 40gms of dark chocolate in two portions, half in the morning and the other half in the evening. Chocolate is also one of the best comfort foods.


Nuts will not work for you if you are allergic to them. However, for everybody else, nuts are great in reducing stress levels. They are rich in folates and healthy cholesterol. The stress busting ability of nuts is significant. The presence of high levels of selenium is also one the factors that contributes to this ability. In addition to nuts, seeds are also very effective since they also contain high amounts of folates and selenium. The best nuts and seeds are apricots, almonds, oat bran and sunflower seeds.

Fish and fish oils

With high levels of proteins content, fish and fish oils are excellent in helping you fight stress. The Omega-3 fatty acids that are present in the fish, in addition to proteins have very therapeutic qualities. Fish is a comfort food for the brain and is also called the “brain food”. It helps in stimulating the central nervous system, which in turn, helps in fighting stress. Meats such as beef and mutton are also good for fighting stress since they are also rich in proteins. Fish and meat should be taken in adequate quantities when you are recovering from depression. They help speed up the process. Poultry is not that significant.

Whole wheat

Whole wheat products such as breads are an excellent aid in fighting stress, anxiety and depression. These foods are low on the glycemic index, which means that they do not increase your blood sugar levels. Such foods help as a weapon against depression. The main reason why they are effective is because they are rich in dietary fibers. You can eat other foods that are rich in this nutrient such as low sugar fruits, low starch vegetables and cereals. Beans are also effective in fighting depression.

Foods That Help Depression And Anxiety
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