Gastric Bands Might Lead To Undesirable Repercussions

Gastric band surgery is one of the most popular surgeries chosen by people who want to lose weight quickly. However, latest procedures have shown that these procedures might result in undesirable consequences. The research was carried on in the United Kingdom.

The basis of the research

The study was based in a woman who had undergone gastric band surgery but had to face a lot of consequences that she was not warned of. Furthermore, she continued to face these consequences for years after she underwent the procedure. The major complaints that the woman had were night sweats, cough characterized by yellow and green sputum and the cough was continuous. She also complained that treatments of asthma, which was a chronic condition with her, were not giving her good effects after she underwent the surgery. The woman was 49 years old when she visited the clinic with these problems. The surgery took place in 2008. It was a laproscopic adjustable gastric band surgery. This woman was seriously obese, with a body mass index of 45, which is much above the obese range. After she underwent surgery, her body mass index came down to 33.


The reason for the chest infection was expected to be tuberculosis. However, the threat was negated after a series of chest radiographs and other tests. The tests also showed that the woman had a cavity in the left upper zone of the chest. Tuberculosis was suspected because of the other symptoms such as night sweats. After more tests that ruled out the possibility of any major disease, doctors suspected that it was the gastric band that was causing the entire problem. It came to light that the ingested food entered her lungs and caused cavitation and all the other problems. Her lungs were damaged with a number of small perforations, which led to infection. She was prescribed antibiotics for the problem. Although they did reduce the effects, they were only temporary.

What the doctors finally did

After repeated attempts of curing the problem using oral medication, doctors had no other go but to empty the gastric band. This involves sucking out the liquid in the gastric band, fitted in the woman’s abdomen. Soon after this, the problems were all solved. In the following months, the woman put on healthy weight, which she had lost due to the use of antibiotics. Her BMI is stands at 35. Although the gastric band has now filled, there are no undesirable problems.

Gastric Bands Might Lead To Undesirable Repercussions
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