Guide for Healthy Body & Soul

Health Guide & Concept

Hi tech generation is health conscious and at the same time short of time. With too much tasks and limited time they may not devote a dedicated time for health. In such a situation health guides are of great use. Health guides are ready reckoner for modern generation for health related queries. These are available by the means of newsletter which could be received weekly or bi weekly. Some health guides are available on daily basis with an important healthy tip for its readers. These guides would suggest about the eating habits, workout tricks, dos and don’ts list and suggestions from health freaks. This helps the reader to take care of their health by regular updates through health guides.Suggestions for Food

Typically health guides suggests about the food intake. Best advantage is that they cater to all age groups. Eating habits have great impact on body. Healthy food would keep the individuals healthy to live longer. Health guides also suggests benefits of different sources of vitamins, calcium, iron and minerals. They also stress on intake of fruits and vegetables instead of junk food. Water is another important constituent for a healthy life. Right food in regular intervals would keep the body fit. Health guides also suggest healthy snacks for tea time as people usually eat unhealthy stuff with tea. Food items are listed and recommended for all meals in a day.

Healthy Living Ideas

Health guides recommend tips for living healthy life. Health is important at all age and for both the genders. Certain basics about food and health should be learned in the beginning to develop right habits at the right age. Other than food the body cycle also matters for fit body. Too much working hours would certainly impact health. Similarly too much of rest and food would lead to obese body. Health guides suggest right living practices for healthy and happy life. These health guides also recommends health tips for chronic disease like diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

Quick Health Tips

Here are some quick health tips which are recommended in most of the health guides:

Sleep for minimum 6 hours a day
Get up early and exercise for at least 20 minutes a day
Do not skip breakfast, rather eat healthy breakfast to start a cracking day
Lunch and dinner could be lighter
Walk as much as you can
Drink lot of water
Eat Vegetables & Fruits
Stay happy

Guide for Healthy Body & Soul
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