How DNA Related News Is Used In Forensics?


Forensics procedures depends DNA related news for incorporating various methods in criminal forensics. When the DNA finger printing profiling was developed in 1985, the procedure was used for solving various criminal cases which were unable to solve by other methods. The researches in cytology and molecular biology are bringing latest information about the various uses of DNA. The forensic work has been revolutionized by the latest developments in DNA research.  Databases of DNA samples are used by many countries in identifying the criminals. This is based on the fact that each person has specific DNA that is incontrovertible.

DNA Evidences

The forensic evidences provided by DNA are believed to the most valid evidence by any court in the world. The DNA related news came out of the genetic research has paved way for the development of DNA probe analysis. The peculiarity of the genetic code of human being is the basis of this analysis. A single probe will not give sufficiently unique pattern. So, more than two DNA probe analysis is done in criminal identification procedures.  The ability to extract DNA from different biological fluids like saliva, blood and semen has made DNA a greatest tool for identifying criminals.

The Use Of Touch DNA

The DNA obtained from the epithelial or the skin cells of a person is known as the touch DNA.  When a person touches things such as weapons, clothes, furniture and other items the skin cells are left behind. These cells can be retrieved from a crime scene from the various objects. These DNA can be used to identify the person involved in the crime. It requires only 5- 20 cells to obtain the touch DNA sample. The DNA related news is used by forensic departments of the different countries in identifying the criminals easily and with precision.

Latest Use Of DNA In Forensics

The latest use of DNA in investigation is the use of DNA spray in shop robbery or bank robbery. The spray device can be operated by any person at the place of crime. The device releases the fine mist of synthetic DNA. Any person in the place of the robbery will be covered by this invisible mist carrying the DNA markers. This enables the police to match the robber with the place of robbery. Such   latest DNA related news is shared through various websites and journals. These reports will help to make great progress in forensic procedures.






How DNA Related News Is Used In Forensics?
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