How Does Variant Blood Sugar Levels Affect The Body Parts?

Latest Blood Related News

The latest blood related news doing rounds in America is that the American Diabetes Association is recommending people to carry out regular screenings in order to  diagnose if a person is suffering from  diabetes, a killer disease, that is on the rise lately in America. The people suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are said to be highly immune to blood related diseases of their eyes, kidney, nerves and blood vessels. A person suffering from diabetes can still lead a normal life and can live long if he or she is very careful in controlling the blood sugar level. Most of the blood related news that is carried in various medical journals; medical e-books as well as health magazines endorse this viewpoint.

Damage to Kidney

The low or high blood sugar levels if left unmonitored will cause kidney diseases in human beings. Once the kidney is damaged, the blood vessels in the kidney will start to leak and the protein in the blood will be excreted out through the urine. The damage of the certain blood vessels will increase the load of the other blood vessels to the kidneys which might result in more blood vessels to crack or get damaged. As most blood related news journals suggest, a person suffering from such kidney diseases will have to undergo dialysis, where a machine will be employed to carry out the functions of the kidney or in worst cases, a patient might require a kidney transplant.

Heart Diseases

The blood vessels that pump blood to and fro from the heart will get blocked due to high blood pressure in human beings. This blockage of the blood vessels will result in heart attacks. It is been reported in many blood related news magazines and medical reports that a diabetic person carries a minimum of two to four times risk of developing a heart attack or a stoke when compared to  the general population. Hence, it is always advisable that people suffering from either low or high  blood sugar levels must be very conscious of maintaining their blood sugar levels every time and care must be taken on what they eat as well as the foods that they eat.


Apart from the heart and the kidneys, the eyes as well as the limbs all might get damaged depending on the severity of the diabetes disease. So, any patient who has been diagonised with diabetes, must have to take necessary medical check up at regular intervals as well as take their medications prescribed by their physician at the appropriate times in order to help in the smooth functioning of the body parts.

How Does Variant Blood Sugar Levels Affect The Body Parts?
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