How Exercise Helps In Relieving Anxiety and Depression

Release of happy hormones

One of the most important benefits of exercises is that it releases happy hormones in the body, which are known as endorphins. These hormones create a feeling of euphoria in the body and mind, which help greatly in fighting anxiety and depression. Endorphins have several other benefits. They are the natural analgesics of the body and help in relieving pain in the body and mind. This creates a very positive feeling and brings a new energy in the body. Endorphins act as natural sedatives as well. The best thing about endorphins is that since they are manufactured by the body and hence, do not have the negative impacts of artificial anti-depressants and pain killers.

Release of sleep inducing hormones

Another hormone that is released when you exercise is serotonin. This is a chemical that induces sleep, which is of prime importance for a person suffering from depression and anxiety. When a person sleeps well, the body heals itself and the person feels better. One of the major symptoms and problems of depression is insomnia or lack of sleep. Exercise helps a person sleep and hence, helps in fighting depression and anxiety.

Increases physical strength

The third important benefit of exercise is that it improves physical strength in the body, which is a great asset to someone suffering depression and anxiety. A person who is physically strong has better capacity to deal with mental weakness and stress. Also, since the blood and air circulation in the body remains healthy, the brain and nerves receive a good supply of both these things and so, they function optimally. Cardiovascular function and metabolism remains high due to exercise. This helps in detoxifying the body and spreading good energy. Blood pressure remains normal. All these factors keep a person healthy and help him overcome depression and anxiety. They boost his self confidence, which alone is a great energy enhancer.

Outdoor group exercises are mood lifters

If a person suffers depression and anxiety, group exercises are his best bet. Working out in a group is highly desirable because it elevates mood. There is constant encouragement among the group members and interaction with others helps in suppressing the feeling of depression and anxiety. In addition, working out in external environs naturally lifts moods. Even simple activities such as gardening, walking, jogging, cycling and swimming can do a whole lot of good to the body and mind, thus helping overcome feelings of anxiety and depression.

How Exercise Helps In Relieving Anxiety and Depression
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