Importance Of Pharmaceuticals In Our Lives

 Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical companies do researches and develop new drugs.  These companies market the drugs which have license to use as medicines. The companies deal with medications that are branded and various medical devices used for the identification and treatment of diseases of humans and animals. These companies are regulated by various laws regarding testing, patenting and marketing the drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is growing with the development o new technology. Pharmaceutical products help to treat various types of diseases.  Drugs are released in to the market after studies and clinical testing. The FDA or the food and drug administration has the authority to decide about the administration of drugs to humans.

Types of pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals can be classified as prescription drugs and over the counter drugs. Prescription drug will be available from the drug store only with a prescription from a medical practitioner or health care provider. Over the counter drugs are available without any prescription. The products of pharmaceutical companies saves life, improves the quality of life of people and also help in preventing diseases. The pharmaceuticals produced by different companies are advertised using different campaigns and using websites. Most of the present day diseases and epidemics can be controlled by the use of pharmaceuticals.

Bio- pharmaceuticals

The latest development in the pharmaceutical industry is the bio pharmaceuticals. These are the drugs produced by using the new technology called biotechnology. This is a new system of using living organisms or biological systems for the production of drugs.  The new technology helps to identify the causes of new diseases and infections and in producing new medicines. The highly equipped laboratories and the latest infrastructure in the pharmaceutical companies helps to analyze the various factors like genetics and cellular structure which may cause diseases and to find remedies for them.

The future

The pharmaceutical companies will make great progress in the treatment of diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hepatitis and AIDS. The life expectancy of the people will be increased by the development of new drugs. Huge progress is expected in the diagnostics with the help of pharmaceuticals. The progress in the diagnostic procedure will help to identify the diseases earlier and this will help in giving more effective treatment in the earlier stages of the diseases. In the future we can expect revolutionary changes in diagnosis as well as treatment of various complicated diseases.




Importance Of Pharmaceuticals In Our Lives
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