Myths And Facts Of Epigenetic Theory

Many factors contribute towards the lifespan of humans. People work towards improving the health by either remaining physically active or by controlling their dietary patterns by including the natural and uncooked vegetables and fruits in their diets. These steps help to maintain the body weight within the healthy range.


Epigenetic is the science that is based on the lifestyle habits and nutrition techniques and their effect on the longevity and health of a person. It also provides an in depth understanding of telomeres which are very tiny DNA stands that can shorten themselves in a person who has inflammation, everyday stress and bad dietary choices. The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry reported that the telomere length can be extended by reducing cellular inflammation, oxidative stress and by making an improvement in DNA methylation pathways. This can also help in the slowing of the biological aging clock. The DNA health can be improved by the specific nutrients which can also help in the improvement of a person’s natural life span.

Effect on genes

The environment has an influence on the genes and they are not set in stones. The mother’s lifestyle and the time period of a child in womb exert an effect on the gene settings. For ensuring short tem survival, the genes read the environmental and micronutrient cues as a person ages. The food that we consume causes an alteration in the expression of genes in our body. The changes can either cause illness or promote optimal health. In order to prevent the shortening of the telomere and maintaining the DNA’s integrity, the methylation pathway is very critical.

Food and supplements

Some genetic mutation may also lead to cancer and in order to prevent it one must consume those food and nutrients which can provide methyl groups to the body. The journal of nutrition reports that the men who have highest levels of folate in their blood streams have the DNA’S of longest telomere lengths. Different supplements which are found to be associated with longer telomeres are vitamin b 12 (500 to 100 mcg daily), vitamin b12 (500 to 1000 mcg daily) and folate (800 mcg daily). The independent researches conducted in this area show that magnesium (400 to 800 mg daily) and zinc (25 to 50 mg daily) are required for the accurate completion of the DNA sequencing that occurs during the cell replication process. If these cofactors are absent then the abnormalities which can occur are premature cell destruction, DNA strand breakage and acceleration of the aging process.

The controllable factors

The controllable factors which can shorten telomere length and fasten cell aging independently are stress and inflammation. For lowering the inflammation stress management is necessary. By managing stress, the release of chemical messengers can be lowered which cause the flames of inflammation. Other compounds have also been found out by the researchers which include grape seed extract, cur cumin and resveratrol. They can cause lowering of the systemic inflammation and thereby help to maintain telomere length. This can help in extending the healthy lifespan of an individual.

Myths And Facts Of Epigenetic Theory
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