Pharmaceuticals – Disadvantages of Pain Killer Drugs


Pain killers are very helpful when you are in pain. These drugs are meant to relieve pain and provide comfort. Although the short term affects of the drugs are excellent, they can turn out to be very dangerous in the long run. It is also important to note that taking the drug once in a while does not cause much damage because the body has the ability to ingest it throw out the waste. However, frequent and prolonged usage does leave scars behind. One of the most common problems that a person can encounter is ulcers in the stomach area or the lower portion of esophagus. Painkillers cause localized irritation that causes scarring of the interior tissue. Prolonged use can cause internal bleeding in the affected portion and ulcers develop. If left untreated, there can be serious aberration of the internal organs and untimely death as well.

Liver damage

Liver damage is another very common side effect of painkiller drugs. Since the drugs are processed in the liver, the residue can cause major damage to the organ. Furthermore, liver being one of the most important organs of the body, the effect of painkillers can badly hamper health. In fact, people who suffer from different kinds of liver infections or are recovering from jaundice are recommended never to use painkillers.

Kidney damage

Kidney failure as a result of continuous painkiller usage is not unheard of. In many cases, kidney malfunction is also found. People who suffer kidney problems are also advised not to use painkillers. Blood pressure of the body is affected and in the long run, cardiovascular and renal functions are affected.

General poor health

It has also been known that prolonged exposure to aspirin can cause excessive bleeding during childbirth, dental procedures and surgery. Since the body receives external help in controlling pain, the natural analgesic functions of the body become lazy and take a beating. The immunity of the body also experiences a severe dip. As a person ages, these problems become more evident and he or she experiences a poor old age with several problems related to liver, kidney and immune system. Eventually, the person will begin to depend on drugs entirely and it snowballs into a kind of addiction. In fact, addiction to painkillers is one of the common kinds of substance abuse found in many people, several of whom have had to enroll in de-addiction centers to get rid of the habit.

Pharmaceuticals – Disadvantages of Pain Killer Drugs
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