Reduction In Side Effects During The Treatment Of Cancer

Cancer treatment has got one major problem and that is the occurrence of side effects. Research and development efforts  done in this area by a Norwegian biotech firm are getting closer towards  devising a treatment method which treats cancer cell and does not affect the other cells of the body.

Elimination of side effects

Any cancer researcher focuses on creation of such medication that is able to act solely against the cells and tissues that are cancerous. Such medication should also be harmless to the rest of the human body. In order to attain this goal, there are two ways possible. The first is the production of such kind of medication that targets the cancer cells only. The second way is to create better and smarter means of drug deliver which can deliver the drug to the exact target area, not affecting the other cells of the body in the process.

The latter approach has been adopted by the Norwegian firm PCI Biotech Holding ASA and the firm is working on the particular approach since the year 2000. The name given to the project is “Fotokjemisk internalisering for cellegiftterapi av kreft” (Photochemical internalization of chemotherapy) and is headed by chief scientific officer Anders Hogset.

The light sensitive cells and laser light

This is a light based technology and is known by the name photochemical internalization or PCI. The discovery of this technology was done in the year1994 in Oslo at the Norwegian Radium Hospital. By using this technology, PCI biotech can direct red laser to the exact body area where the drug has to deliver its action. The light that is used in the process is able to enhance the delivery of the drug to the specific locations of the diseased cells. According to Dr Hogset, the administration of a photosensitizing compound to the patient is very necessary so as to get the desired effects from the laser.

Reduction of doses

Since there is no way to deliver the drug to the exact and specific disease location inside the cell, the patients are given higher amount of doses. These high doses result in the occurrence of side effects in the patients.

Disappearance of the cancerous cells

The pharmaceutical firm PCI biotech and the University College London Hospital (in association) has been performing the joint research procedure on the human subjects since past two years and Dr. Hogset says that all patients did experience a improvement with the cancer cells disappearing totally  in some cases. This was achieved with almost no side effects being found in the patient’s body.

Reduction In Side Effects During The Treatment Of Cancer
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