Scientists Find Novel Way to Make False Teeth Shine

Nano-crystal for dentures

Latest findings by scientists have revealed that nano-crystals are the best way to polish and shine dentures. Teeth are made up of enamel, which is the hardest substance in the body. When people eat, a lot of aberrations take place on the surface of the teeth due to the grinding movements and because of the acids and other chemicals that are released from the foods. While the teeth, being made up of enamel can withstand the pressure, the inlays, bridges and dentures find it tough to resist the force. It has been found that in this regard, ceramic dentures are ineffective in the long run. In order to combat this problem, scientists led by Dr. Christian Russel from Freidrich Schiller University Jena, have created a set of dentures from glass ceramics in nanocrystalline form. Since this material is very strong, much more so when compared to ordinary dentures made of ceramics, dentures can last much longer.

What is glass ceramic?

Glass ceramic is a material that has been crafted using aluminum, magnesium and silicon oxide. They are special because they are extremely strong. In fact, scientists have asserted that this material is five times stronger when compared to normal dentures. Although the material is in use, it is only used for purposes such as for the manufacture of computer hard drives. Dr. Russel and his team have now made the material suitable for use as dentures. He also said that the material has been equipped with new characteristics that make them good for use as dentures.

Desirable qualities of dentures

Dentures require certain qualities to make them good for use as a replacement for natural teeth. They are not supposed to be different in their optical characteristics from natural teeth. It is also important that dentures be of the exact color of natural teeth. Dr. Russel says that dentures are supposed to be translucent so that they resemble natural teeth implicitly. Ceramics can be made to resemble teeth exactly and now, so can the dentures made out of nano-crystals.

How are nano-crystals for teeth manufactured?

In order to ensure that dentures are equipped with the characteristics required for nano-crystals, a specific method is followed. These hard crystals are formed when the ingredients are heated in a controlled manner at a temperature of 1000 degrees centigrade. The ingredients are first melted at a temperature of 1500 degrees centigrade. This heating and cooling creates crystals. The crystals are 100 nanometers long. The material needs further experimentation before they can be used as dentures on a large scale.

Scientists Find Novel Way to Make False Teeth Shine
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