Useful Tips For Women Over 60

Weight loss mantra for seniors

Women are said to be beauty conscious. A slim figure will add more beauty to one’s personality. You can maintain a slim figure at any age by taking healthy diet with exercise. Diet with exercise is the mantra of any weight loss program. Especially, the people above 60 can lose their weight only by well formulated exercise.

According to the study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh, it was found that people who indulged in exercise along with taking a healthy balanced diet burned the highest amount of fat. Hence, exercise plays a vital role in weight loss particularly for seniors.

Importance of exercise

A study was conducted to show the importance of exercise. The adults between the age group of 60 and 75 were broken into three groups. Group one was asked to do only exercise, group two was only taking controlled diet and group three did both exercise and diet. The main goal was to find which group would lose more weight. These groups were on trial for four months and at the end of four months it was found that the group that did both exercise and diet lost the maximum weight. The study proved that exercise is a must for everyone irrespective of age.

Need of vitamins for women

Women of different age group need different vitamins and minerals. Customized vitamin supplements are available for various age groups beginning from 20 and ranging above 60. Each age group of women will have their own supplements because their needs vary greatly as they age. The vitamins taken by children would not be very effective for elders, because your body matures in many ways. The needs of the elders differ from that younger people due to different body demands. Women above 50 would require calcium and magnesium in higher amounts in their diet because these micronutrients are needed for strengthening of bones since bones usually tends to get weak as a woman ages due to various occurrences such as pregnancy and menstruation.

How to increase metabolism

Women who have attained the age of 60 should practice workouts that are suitable for their physical conditions and a healthy diet in order to control their weight. People of this age fall prey to various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. Metabolism dwindles at this age as well. Exercise and body activity encourage metabolism and keep you fit. Women over 60 should take diet containing fruits and vegetables as it has high fibre contents. Drinking lots of water is advisable as well.

Useful Tips For Women Over 60
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