Women Are More Affected By The Broken Heart Syndrome

What is the broken heart syndrome? 

The broken heart syndrome is very close to the context in which it is used in colloquial language. When the heart undergoes severe stress, emotional shock or other crisis that causes psychological strain, the heart behaves in a very peculiar manner, as it has suffered an heart attack. There is actually no permanent damage caused due to the problem although the sufferer might experience pain in the chest or discomfort. Symptoms are not similar to that of heart attack.

This problem was first brought to light by the Japanese researchers back in the 1990s. Latest study on the same subject has proved that this broken heart syndrome is more common to affect women than men. The research was carried out by researchers from the University of Arkansas.

What are the causes of broken heart syndrome

According to studies, broken heart syndrome can be caused due to a number of reasons. The major reasons are stress and severe emotional shock. This causes a release of large quantities of different quantities of hormones in the body and an adrenaline rush, which causes the heart to behave abnormally. Although the behavior of the heart is similar to the behavior caused when it suffers a heart attack, there are no problems such as blocked arteries involved here, neither is there any kind of damage to the muscle tissues of the heart. Interestingly, very happy moments that occur suddenly have also been known to cause the broken heart syndrome.

Women are more prone to the broken heart syndrome 

According to the latest research, it has come to light that there a increase in the risk of broken heart syndrome by seven times in women when compared to men of the same age group. Dr. Abhishekh Deshmukh, the lead researcher of the study considered 6229 cases of broken heart syndrome and analyzed results. Out of the total study group who were diagnosed with this syndrome, it was found that men constituted just 11%. One of the reasons for the difference in the way the syndrome in manifested in both the genders is probably because men have a greater capacity of dealing with stress.

Results of the study 

The study showed that the risk increased by 9.5 times in women under 55 years of age when compared to men and three times in women above the age of 55 when compared to women below 55. Further, it was noted that a second attack of broken heart syndrome occurred in 10% of the people.

Women Are More Affected By The Broken Heart Syndrome
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