Women’s Health – Four Best Exercises during Pregnancy


Swimming is considered one of the best exercises for a pregnant woman. The benefits of swimming are many. Firstly, it gives you a full body workout and tones your body. Secondly, since you are in water, your body is continuously cooled and so, there is no risk of overheating. Thirdly, your body is well supported by the weight of the water. You can try out various styles of swimming such as the breast stroke and butterfly stroke. However, never dive or swim underwater during pregnancy. Diving can be disastrous for the delicate and fragile baby. Since oxygen supply to the body is largely decreased during underwater swimming, it can affect the baby’s health.


Walking is a safe and easy exercise to perform during pregnancy. Begin slowly and increase your pace as you walk. However, take care that you do not pant too much or are short of breath. The walking speed should be such that you should break into a light sweat while being able to carry out conversation without panting. You can go for long walks in the early morning, which is the best time for it. Make sure that you are exposed to the early morning sun for at least half an hour each day since it has an exceptionally good effect on the body.

Low intensity aerobics and dance

Low intensity dance and aerobics are also excellent for pregnant women. However, keep in mind not to get carried away with the dance moves. While you can twist and turn, you are not supposed to jerk and jump. So, avoid such dance moves. There are special dance and aerobic courses that are specially designed for pregnant women. You can follow these regimes safely. If you have not indulged in these exercises before or are new to aerobics, then you need to take it very easy and begin at the lowest level until your body gets used to the moves before progressing. In any case, consult a doctor if it is your first attempt at dance or aerobics.

Yoga and Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are specially designed for pregnant women. These involve lying on the floor on your back and contracting the muscles in your pelvic region in order to strengthen them. These exercises are done in different positions but all involve pelvic muscle contractions. Specific yogic postures are also very good during pregnancy. You can join yoga classes for pregnant woman and learn how to do them right.

Women’s Health – Four Best Exercises during Pregnancy
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